An Executive Office Space for Entrepreneurs.

Our facility offers business workstations, meeting space and 3 advanced multimedia studios. Billed Monthly.

So What’s An Entrepreneurship Center Anyway?

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The Big Problem.

Professional business outcomes are often too expensive to produce.


Professional work environments that include all of the resources you need, can be hard to find and downright costly. Our all-inclusive office, eliminates the accessibility and affordability barriers that would normally arise with similar options.


Multimedia content is becoming easier and easier to create. Even with all of the advancements accessible to entrepreneurs who create content, nothing truly replaces the effect of a dedicated studio. Our multimedia studios come with all of the equipment and are literally within a few short steps of each other.


There are many inexpensive places to host your events. If you look under the surface, you may find that the more affordable an option is, the more limitations it has. Our office is a complete, state of the art solution, allowing you to have a high-level event without breaking the bank.

Our Solution

A shared, technology-driven office space, strategically priced to accommodate all.

Your new office is waiting for you to visit.


Our shared office space and executive style workstations allow you to comfortably work on building your business for hours at a time.

  • 25 collaborative and individual workstations
  • Executive style ergonomic chairs
  • Individual power outlets
  • Ubiquitous office Wi-Fi


We offer 3 multimedia studios that enable you to produce high-quality content usable for any aspect of your business.

  • Audio Studio
  • Video Studio
  • Photo Studio


Our Internet station provide you an all-inclusive work experience, even when you don’t have a computer of your own.

  • Smart PC workstation
  • Independent desk with power outlet
  • Multi-padding ergonomic chairs
  • Writing utensils and various stationery
  • Print, fax, copy and scan machine


Our meeting space enables your team to discuss or brainstorm in a naturally collaborative environment.

  • Group round table with chairs
  • Whiteboards with marker pens
  • Power outlets and high speed Wi-Fi
  • Up to 4 people


Who We Serve.

Our office space is designed to solve problems unique to independent workers at all stages.

Idea discovery

Oftentimes, it can be difficult to find a suitable place where you can spend your time working because of various problems, whether workspace availability or environment. We invite you to accelerate your discovery process with us.


Operating a single person business sustainably is something many only dream of. The downside is that you’re forced to creatively do everything yourself. Access to expensive equipment and a helpful network of people can expedite your progress.

Business owners

Being responsible for not only yourself, but the livelihood of your employees, partners, contractors and suppliers is hard. In addition, you must focus on developing experiences that grow your business. You can easily produce those experiences here without the large investment.

Serial Entrepreneurs

Juggling the management of multiple organizations on a daily basis is probably the hardest job in business. There are many moving parts and never enough time. Having a trusted, unbiased organization as a sounding board can help you make great decisions.

The Signup Process.

Get access to all of our resources in just a few steps.


Define Your Needs

Start with determining what your business outcome is and what you need to achieve it. Then look for the right resource in our office that truly matches your needs.


Schedule a Tour

Sign up an account to make your first reservation. Once the account is set up, you will now be able to book any of our resources in advance to ensure its availability.


Visit Our Office

Now you can check and confirm your schedule by sending us an email. Then visit The Entrepreneurship Center at Nimmanhaemin Rd., Chiang Mai.

How we compare

Competitor Comparison.

Our executive office space provides a unique work experience that cannot be found anywhere else.


Do you ever have problem with working progress? Working at The Entrepreneurship Center can motivate your work process and make it more productive with our perfect working environment and provided facilities whether multimedia studios or workstation features.

Coffee shop

When one decides to work independently at cafe, it often comes at the cost of going without office equipment and resources. With our Complete Office Center you will have all of your office needs met with our resources including printing services, faxing services, and office stationery center.

Coworking space

Independent workers are frequently faced with uncertain availability and conditions of alternative work spaces such as co-working spaces. At The Entrepreneurship Center, our reservation based system allows you to be certain of what space you will have when you arrive to work.  

Private office

Sometimes, working alone in a private office may lead your idea to a road-block. At The Entrepreneurship Center, we provide supports and helps through our professional staffs. We want to make you inspired and lead you to your expected business outcomes. We always welcome to support you.

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