By definition, Entrepreneurship is the act of creating a commercial venture, while exerting initiative and taking risk.

Discover Your Entrepreneurial Motivator

You Are Greater Than
Any One Business.

Our unique approach to entrepreneurship puts you into the driver's seat.

What We Do

We Protect Entrepreneurial People from Risk.

Being an entrepreneurial person is risky at all stages, we help you navigate safely.
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We look at entrepreneurship as an area of academic study. Inside any area of study, there are facts, skills, tools, participants, and levels. Understanding the big picture will help you identify knowledge risks long before you encounter them.
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Businesses are economic vehicles carrying their owners from an origin to a destination. All vehicles have core equipment that makes them run. We help you identify these functions and equipment so that when it breaks, you can fix it quickly.
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The mind of an entrepreneur is a complex place. Risk-taking is essential for entrepreneurship but the human mind is built to help us avoid it. These differences create daily mental battles and we help you achieve a healthy balance.
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Reputations are generally held beliefs about someone, or something. It's important to identify what reputation you'll personally need, to achieve your entrepreneurial goals. We help you define that vision and the necessary habits to maintain it.

Our Mission Is Clear

To provide clarity and resources to the entrepreneurship ecosystem so that all economic members can safely navigate it’s inherent risks.

Are You Entrepreneurial?

The Ecosystem Is Bigger Than You Think.

Review the stages below to better understand the levels of entrepreneurship and where you fit.
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Opportunity Seeker

You desire to become an entrepreneur and are seeking new opportunities.
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Employed Supporter

You help people close to you realize their entrepreneurial dreams.
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Part-Time Operator

You're traditionally employed full-time and spend off time entrepreneurially.
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You are solely self-employed but without full-time employees.
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You solely operate a business with significant monthly overhead.
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Career Entrepreneur

You've committed to economic independence via entrepreneurship.
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The Most Flexible Team You'll Ever Hire.

The skilled labor market hasn't quite caught up with the needs of entrepreneurial people, we can help.

Entrepreneurship Is Science to Us

As a result of our studies, we’ve created unique concepts to help you.

Free Business Training for You.

Debt Financing for Business Owners.

Learn the basics of debt and how it can help your business manage cashflow shortages.

This training will teach you the differences between credit based and asset based lending. Once we understand the differences, we'll be able to better choose what we have to offer and create a win-win environment for ourselves and lenders.

How to Find the Perfect Price.

Learn the basics of pricing and the importance of combining art with science to find the right price.

This training will teach you the components needed to build a pricing system. Generally, you'll need to understand the product's cost floor and ceiling. From there, you can assemble a group and see where your pricing should be based on real interactions.

How to Fight a Chargeback.

Learn more about chargebacks, why they are caused and how to protect yourself against them.

This training will teach you the basics of chargebacks, including what they are, how they originated and how they flow. Once you understand what they are and what insight they provide you, you can better optimize your business to decrease them and win them when they arise.

The Five Costs of
Paid Advertising.

Learn the framework and individual components of paid advertising so that you can use each advertising platform with confidence.

This training will give you a brief history of advertising while breaking down the components the digital advertising environment. Hundreds of pay per click platofrms exist and you'll most likely use many over time, understanding the universal basics will help.