By definition, Entrepreneurship is the act of creating a commercial venture, while exerting initiative and taking risk.
Global Workforces Can Offer Great Benefits.
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Partnership Requests
Supplier Conversations
Investor Updates
Customer Service
Product Assistance
Complaint Processing
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Invitation Management
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Workforce Hiring Just Went Global.
Your candidate pool used to be limited to your geography, let us move you safely beyond those borders.
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Skilled Virtual Employees for Your Business
All the benefits of a full-time employee without many of the traditional risks.
Work Location
As you may know our offices are located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is the 2nd largest city in the country and the largest in the north. Being physically located here gives us the opportunity to recruit top talent in not only Chiang Mai, but the entire northern half of the country. Any candidates hired also work fulltime from our modern and technology driven office.
Culture Overview
Thailand is known globally for it’s customer service and has gained the nickname “Land of Smiles”. As an employer this can be a great benefit because service is built into the culture and working relationships are friendly and easy.
Education & Recruiting
As we search for talented employees, we generally look for 2-3 basic requirements. First, their educational ability and completion, all candidates are required to have a bachelor’s degree. Next is their english ability, each candidate must demonstrate a 650 or higher TOEIC ability. Lastly, we look for relevant work experience and offer ongoing training to selected candidates.
Hiring Process
We strive to conduct interviews that extract the true abilities of each candidate. Our interviews are mostly live technical assessments to demonstrate real time competency. Additionally, we conduct more traditional interviewing to determine personality, culture and reliability levels.
Work Management
Job descriptions help us understand your baseline needs. From there, we prepare the candidate, connect you with them via Slack and they start executing your daily tasks. Additionally, we supply a master supervisor also available in real time to ensure your employment experience goes well.
Performance Reviews
Our primary goal is to supply you with a candidate that meets and hopefully exceeds your expectations. We manage this by thoroughly understanding your expections first. Once we truly know what you want, we can then measure our performance agains that to keep us on track, together.
Task Assignment Flow
The true goal of an employee is to manage a daily set of recurring projects and tasks.
Slack Greeting
Workday Starts
Realtime Discussions
Workday Summary
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Frequently Asked Questions
You may have additional questions, we answer some of them below.
01. Does This Program Require a Contract?

Yes it does. This is primarily required because employees are generally hired for longer time horizons than contractors. Additionally, we actually take the risk of bringing the employee onto our payroll while handling all paperwork and legal requirements without any work legal risk required by you. Committing together, allows this unique structure to work, safely.

02. How Long Is The Contract Period?

Our contract agreements 12 months long, per employee that you require through the program.

03. Do You Offer Trial Periods?

Yes we do. Most plans come with a multi-week trial so that you can truly understand how it works.

04. How Does Payment Collection Work?

We work with you to determine a preferred payment method. Once that is done, that method is entered into our subscription billing system for auto-debit monthly or bi-weekly.

05. Is There a Deposit?

Yes but it's more flexible than a traditional one. Our deposits are collected as good faith advances against your account. They are then immediately applied and used to pay for the first month(s) of service.

06. Are There any Warranties or Refunds on The Program?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases. If you are unhappy after that period, we will improve the products you are provided until you are satisfied.