By definition, Entrepreneurship is the act of creating a commercial venture, while exerting initiative and taking risk.
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Unique Events Based on
Notable Entrepreneurs.
Live multimedia experiences enriched with entrepreneurial content and discussion.
Our experiences are meant to educate, immerse and evolve group discussions about entrepreneurship in an entertaining way.
Career Entrepreneurship
with a Musical Twist.
How do you turn an artistic skill into a multi-decade entrepreneurial career?
Well, Quincy Jones did just that. This event was based around the viewing of the popular NetFlix documentary "Quincy". We saw how he was able to go from musician, executive and then to career entrepreneur over many decades.
The Joy
of Entrepreneurship.
Overcoming significant adversity is apart of daily life as an entrepreneur.
The story of Joy Mangano teaches valuable lessons about believing in one's own dream to improve the world. This event was based around the movie "Joy". After viewing, we discussed the tools and strategies she used to become an authority in television direct sales.
A Night with
Spike Lee.
How long would you wait to be formally validated by your market?
Spike Lee shared with us how to endure through obstacles and continuously perfect your craft. This event was a unique casting party for his latest movie filmed in Asia entitled "Da 5 Bloods". Over 120+ people from all over Asia joined us for this event and many received jobs on the production teams and some were even cast in the film.
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