By definition, Entrepreneurship is the act of creating a commercial venture, while exerting initiative and taking risk.
Build Your Webinar
Sell More Services.
The tool that can help manage and convince your leads in your place across all of your brand products.
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The webinar that acts as a representative of your brand, the frontline of contents that express your brand message.
Webinar Ideation
Webinar Topic Planning
Defining the Message
Target Audience
Scoping Outcome
Script Development
Script Outline
Story Narration
Chronology Planning
Drafts & Revisions
Story Outline
Story Sequencing
Chronology Planning
Drafts & Revisions
Presentation Development
Google Slides
Media Sourcing
Presentation Tools
Video Editing Tools
Graphics Design Tools
Image Sourcing
Audio Planning
Record Planning
Audio Sequencing
Tonality and Mood
Pacing and Speed
Lightings & Equipments
Audiovisual Production
Audiovisual Polishing
Transitions & Effects
Color Grading
Voiceover (If Needed)
Digital Environment
(Hosting & Domain)
CMS (Wordpress, Webflow)
Site Security (SSL, Firewall)
Social Publishing
Sales Funnel
Leads & Registration
Form Development
OTOs & Popups
Checkout Page
Strategy & Application
Appointment Profile Design
Development & Testing
Automated Reminder
Payment Gateway
Payment Processor
Merchant Account
System Testing
Win Back Your Sales Time.
Free Up Your Burden.
Reduce your time making individual sales by leveraging the webinar tool
to help work in your place.
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Webinar As A Brand Representative
Create a webinar that can effectively represent your brand with all the components put in place for you.
Universal Brand Message
The signature webinar serves as the channel to generally communicate your brand message to your visitors, all in one place. In other words, it helps you manage your leads by helping you answer questions and convince your leads, before ultimately leading them to engage in transactional activities with you.
Reclaimed Sales Time
As you no longer have to close a sale on every lead that you generate, your time schedule will be freed up. This allows you to leverage more of your time in other activities and improve the overall productivity in your business.
Shortened Sales Cycles
Making a signature webinar isn’t only about telling your story to the audience, it’s also about skipping the sales stages of your prospects by applying presale mechanisms through the provision of information and messages needed to convince them. This allows you to meet even more prospects than usual and generate more sales volume.
Advanced Media Team
Our team possesses all the resources and technical skill sets needed to create an effective webinar. Our service covers from the ideation process to the webinar publishing and promotion. We will ensure that you’re able to fully express your thoughts and ideas without having to worry about the technical difficulties of setting up a webinar.
Integrated Services
Setting up a webinar normally requires multiple sources of different talents and skills. This can create a communication bottleneck that blocks you from finishing your webinar effectively. The service we offer allows you to streamline through all of those bottlenecks as our team has all the personnels required to create an effective webinar for you.
Reusable Video Assets
Once created and published, a webinar can be freely viewed on demand even after this program ends. This will serve as a long-term valuable asset that you can reutilize and share to your new leads and customers in the future.
Signature Webinar Creation Process
Our workflow covers all the processes required for setting up and launching an effective webinar.
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Frequently Asked Questions
You may have additional questions, we answer some of them below.
01. Does This Program Require a Contract?

Yes. The contract will help clearly define our service scope and responsibilities over the course of our webinar program.

02. How Long Will It Take To Create And Publish A Webinar?

Typically, we spend around 90 days to finalize all tasks to completion and publish the webinar.

03. Does This Program Include Content Creation?

This program focuses on three core tasks:

1) Help you ideate and prepare  the script and presentation contents for your webinar.

2) Record, edit and produce all the audiovisual materials required in the webinar.

3) Setup, publish and do a soft promote for your webinar site.

If you're looking for an ongoing content creation service, it will be included in a different program.

04. I Have No Knowledge On Webinar Hosting At All, Can I Still Apply?

We're more than happy to fill in all the skill and knowledge gaps for you on the webinar creation process.

All you have to do is to prepare and present your ideas in the webinar.

05. Will The Webinar Streamed Live? Or Will It Be Pre-recorded?

Pre-recording of the webinar is preferable as it helps both our team and our clients work more conveniently. This is to eliminate any unforeseen events or issues that can occur during the live session.

We also provide on-site voiceover recording service at our office, if our clients prefer this method.

06. Do You Only Accept One-time Payment?

We prefer receiving a full payment for our services. However, payment plans are possible with further discussion.

07. Are There Any Warranties or Refunds on the Program?

We offer a 1-year work warranty on the assets we created for you.

We currently don't have any plans on refunds, but we are more than happy to help you resolve issues that was due to our work.