By definition, Entrepreneurship is the act of creating a commercial venture, while exerting initiative and taking risk.
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Our Company
Entrepreneurship Education for Everyday People.
We provide education and services to entrepreneurial people of all stages.
Everyone deserves access to information needed to move independently through economies as entrepreneurial people and families. We're here to provide just that.
Imagine A World...
Where entrepreneurial people could assess risk like the professionals, move quickly and create new and safe economic lives for their families.
Our Company Values
We Respect Hardwork.
We believe that work can bring meaning to life.
Our desire is to bring this viewpoint to everything that we do. We can then provide the best results for our clients and team, even when it's difficult to complete.
Education Is Important.
Education has changed but the fundamentals still matter.
The learning landscape has evolved and action takers are being rewarded more than ever. The fundamentals matter so that when we decide to take action or innovate, we can do it confidently, safely and quickly.
Problems Require Solutions.
Criticizing the problem, doesn't solve the problem.
It's easy to look at anything and see what may be imperfect or wrong. It's much harder to look at it with a solution-oriented mindset. We strive to bring sustainable solutions to all business problems.
Initiative Over Reaction.
See the future, before it's the present.
We want to take more initiative to help drive projects, tasks and thought forward, long before we are asked. This will help all of us achieve our goals faster.
See It Through.
If there is 1% left, the job still isn't complete.
It's one thing to initiate something but it's another ballgame altogether, to see it through. We want to take pride in remembering what our teammates and clients may have forgotten about, so that we can surprise them with it's completion when they do.
Understand and Collaborate.
Solutions oriented communications, changes outcomes.
We want to hire and work with people who hope for the best but understand that things may not go as planned. When that happens, we strive to understand what is happening and collaborate to achieve an improved environment.
We're Committed.
To providing clarity and resources to the entrepreneurial ecosystem so that all of it's participants are able to navigate it's common risks.
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