By definition, Entrepreneurship is the act of creating a commercial venture, while exerting initiative and taking risk.
Diversify Your Income With a Digital Business.
We help you create a strong brand, build the digital assets needed to launch and advise on how you can acquire you first few clients.
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Digital Business
In 4 short months, your dream of a digital business can become a reality.
Brand Development
Logo Concept Design
Brand Style Guide
Company Brochure
Sales Presentation
Digital Environment
CMS (WordPress, Webflow)
Integrations (Slack, Clickup)
Site Security (SSL, Firewall)
Marketing Website
Sales-driven Homepage
Company Profile
Products/Services Showcase
Contact Page
Form Development
Ideation & Strategy
Questions Formulation
Design & Development
Software Integration
Sales Funnels
Leads & Registration
Engaging Sales Pages
OTO & Popups
Checkout Page
Payment Gateway
Payment Processor
Merchant Account
System Testing
Booking Strategy & System
Appointment Profile Design
Development & Testing
Automated Reminder
Lead Management
Sales Pipeline Management
Client Contact Management
Marketing Process Automation
Online Advertising
1-2 Facebook Ads
1-2 Instagram Ads
1-2 LinkedIn Ads
1-2 Google Ads
Client Support
Company Email
Business Phone Number
Messaging Software
Video Conferencing
Social Jumpstart
Business Page Setup
Banner Design
Initial Post Development
Like Ad Campaign
Ideation & Storyboarding
Script Development
Audiovisual Production
Web Publishing
Ideation & Strategy
Design & Development
Social Media Integration
Initial Blog Posts
Google Analytics
Facebook Pixel
Google Ads Tracking
LinkedIn Pixel
Website Policies
Client Terms
Contractor Agreements
Vendor Contracts
Take Your First Step Towards Digital Entrepreneurship.
Starting a digital business is not an impossible task, begin your digital journey with us today.
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Digital Business in a Box
All the components you need for a holistic digital business, packed together in one place .
Comprehensive Approach
From the beginning, we aim to provide and educate you with assets and knowledge that thoroughly cover all the necessary aspects of a digital business. This includes the digital mindset, environment, and tools to help you generate sales. We want to make sure that you start off with everything you need to operate a digital business.
Speed and Accuracy
Setting up a business in a fast and solid manner is something that every entrepreneur wishes for, but at the same time, challenging. This is why we are here to help by giving you a headstart for your business setup and speed up your market entry with precise service quality.
Long-term Value
Owning a business is hard, maintaining it is even harder. We strive to create digital businesses that aren’t only reliable and efficient in terms of their operations, but ones that can grow and generate value over a long period of time for their owners. We want the businesses we created to stay.
Income Diversification
Oftentimes, people tend to rely on a monthly salary as their source of income, which exposes them to income risks. Having a business as an alternative income source is a great way to mitigate such uncertainties and secure a consistent income stream. This is easier to execute when it comes to digital businesses where setup time and costs are kept to a minimum.
Business Assets
An asset is something that can create benefits for you. For entrepreneurial people, we think of these as business assets. Things like contracts, customer spreadsheets, business software and branding videos are all just that. We can create a wide variety of these business assets without much work from you.
Communication Systems
To make work easier, we use a combination of people and technology. You’ll be assigned an account manager to better communicate your ideas, understand our services, plan your business roadmap and manage account related items.
Digital Business Building Process
The foundations of a digital business, all laid down for you within 4 months.
Ideation & Strategy
Brand Design
Digital Assets Development
Business Launch
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Frequently Asked Questions
You may have additional questions, we answer some of them below.
01. Does This Program Require a Contract?

Yes it does. It will clearly outline our service scope and responsibilities over the 4-month course of our program.

02. What Do I Need to Prepare For This Program?

You only need to prepare your business idea and present your creativity. We will discuss and brainstorm together in order to create a brand to your liking.

03. I’m Not Good With Digital Technologies, Can I Still Apply?

Absolutely. Many of the entrepreneurs also face this problems. We are more than happy to help fill this skill gap for you.

04. How Can My Business Benefit From Going Digital?

There are five main advantages from transforming into a digital business:

1. Increased Customer Outreach: Publicizing your products/services through digital means will easily outrun traditional means.
2. Lowered Operating Costs: Digital technology will be a great help for you work efficiency. This means less time and resources wasted.
3. Flexibility: Being able to present your products/services at any place and time will help you create a more flexible working environment.
4. No Geographical Limitations: Going digital also means going global. Your business will no longer be bound by regional boundaries.
5. Data-driven Planning: By better understanding your customers' needs, it becomes easier for you to plan a strategy that is more customer-centric.

05. Do I Need To Own A Business First Before Applying?

There's no need for that. Our main goal is to create a solid and sustainable one for you.

06. I Already Owned A Digital Business, Can I Still Apply?

Yes, and it is highly recommended as we can offer you business refresh and enhancement with a comprehensive approach. This will help you gain a peace of mind for your existing business. You will also gain a partner from joining us on this journey.

07. Does This Program Include Content Creation?

The core service tasks of this program only includes 1) Building digital assets for you and 2) Help you do a soft market entry jumpstart with light content creation Ongoing content creation service will be included in a different program.

08. Will The Business Sustain In A Long Run?

When building you digital assets, we put great emphasis on being thorough and comprehensive. This is to make sure that even after you're done with the program, the assets we built for you will be able to operate in a reliable and sustainable manner.

09. Is There A Payment Plan For This Program?

We preferred receiving full payment for our services. However, payment plan is also possible with further discussion.

10. Are There Any Warranties or Refunds on the Program?

We offer a 1-year work warranty on the digital assets we created for you. We currently don't have any plans on refunds, but we are more than happy to help you resolve issues that stemmed from our work.