By definition, Entrepreneurship is the act of creating a commercial venture, while exerting initiative and taking risk.
Sometimes All You
Need Is an Assistant.
Frequent business tasks drain more time we realize. Reclaim that time by hiring a virtual business assistant.
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A virtual assistant program that helps you reclaim time from administrative tasks.
Social Publishing
Facebook Posts
Twitter Messages
YouTube Uploads
LinkedIn Articles
Marketing Research
Content Strategy
Advertising Platform Optimization
Demographics Analysis
Competition & Environment
Helpdesk Support
Product Assistance
Complaint Processing
Resolution Followup
Billing Adjustments
Cloud IT
New Account Setup
Systems Integration
Workflow Automation
User Management
Appointment Scheduling
Time Reservations
Invitation Management
Resource Preparation
Recaps & Summaries
File Design
Document Templating
Spreadsheet Templating
Presentation Templating
Interactive PDF Templating
Virtual Assistance at Your Fingertips.
You're so used to doing everything yourself, maximize your results by adding a virtual assistant.
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Virtual Assistance for the Self Employed
All the benefits of a business assistant without many of the traditional risks.
Qualified Assistants
Our candidates share several crucial attributes that promise a successful working relationship. Their ability to focus on multiple tasks as well as their goal oriented minds allow them to complete your work objectives effectively. We carefully select our staff from a pool of college graduates, with advanced levels of English literacy. This helps us minimize future miscommunications when we execute tasks for you.
Slack Portal
When collaborating with others, instant and effective communication is key. This is why we’ve chosen Slack as the primary communications portal between you and your assistant. Slack is an industry leading chat software for business and makes communicating with your assistant simple and easy. This direct channel to your assistant will ensure you move at the fastest pace while ensuring detail and quality on all assigned tasks.
Work Management
We’ve developed a simple productivity system using the concept of work blocks. These are 4 hour segments where your work is executed by our assistants. Each client is provided with 13 work blocks per month which totals just over 50 hours of work. This system allows us to efficiently manage the workload of multiple clients in a trackable and organized way.
Instant Feedback
We strive to provide the best services according to your standard. With our dedicated methods of communication, we are able to supply you with a direct line to your assistant when you need to give feedback and improvement on the tasks assigned.
Continuing Education
Training and familiarizing new employees to meet a certain set of standards are time consuming. At the Entrepreneurship center, we contribute to your productivity by catering staff training and supervise them as they complete your assignments. So you can cut down on the price of training staffs and focus on what really matters for your business.
Location & Culture
Our office is located in the heart of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai. The city is considered the capital of the north and the second-largest city in the country where it attracts many qualified graduates every year. This gives us the opportunities to recruit top talents from not only those who already reside in Chiang Mai but from the entire northern area.
Virtual Assistance Snapshot
The true goal of a virtual assistant is to help you focus on what you do best.
Work Tasks Defined
Work Block Scheduling
Systems Onboarding
Daily Task Execution
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Frequently Asked Questions
You may have additional questions, we answer some of them below.
01. Does This Program Require a Contract?

Yes it does. This is primarily required because employees are generally hired for longer time horizons than contractors. Additionally, we actually take the risk of bringing the employee onto our payroll while handling all paperwork and legal requirements without any work legal risk required by you. Committing together, allows this unique structure to work, safely.

02. How Long Is The Contract Period?

Our contract agreements 12 months long, per employee that you require through the program.

03. Do You Offer Trial Periods?

Yes we do. Most plans come with a multi-week trial so that you can truly understand how it works.

04. How Does Payment Collection Work?

We work with you to determine a preferred payment method. Once that is done, that method is entered into our subscription billing system for auto-debit monthly or bi-weekly.

05. Is There a Deposit?

Yes but it's more flexible than a traditional one. Our deposits are collected as good faith advances against your account. They are then immediately applied and used to pay for the first month(s) of service.

06. Are There any Warranties or Refunds on The Program?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases. If you are unhappy after that period, we will improve the products you are provided until you are satisfied.