Entrepreneurship and Thailand

In general, everybody knows that Thailand is the “Land of Smile”, but do you ever have an idea that Thailand is one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world! If you ever have a chance to walk on any famous roads in Thailand, you will see that there are lots of people selling different products along the way. Each person you see embodies the entrepreneurial spirit. They work on their own, become their own boss, set their own goal and motivate themselves.

Now, do you have any idea why Thailand, a small country in South-East Asia, becomes one of the most entrepreneurial counties? According to a survey by Babson College in the US state of Massachusetts on global entrepreneurship, here are some interesting reasons:

  • A large number of Thais have a positive attitude towards being entrepreneurs, which carries a high status in Thai society.
  • Many Thais are not inhibited by fear of business failures; in that category, the country ranked third highest of the 65 countries covered by the survey.
  • As Thai society also does not punish mistakes or failures, it is easier for those who fail to start anew.
  • Thailand has an established-business ownership rate of 27.5 percent. It is the second highest among 65 countries polled.

With these factors, there are many inspiring entrepreneurs in Thailand, for example, Aitthipat Kulapongvanich or Tob, the founder of TaoKaeNoi. He started his first investment since he was in high school. With a lot of effort, his brand became well-known in Asia when he was only 23.

Therefore, the idea is that Thai people are most optimistic and confident about being entrepreneurs. Plus, there is also cultural support for experimentation and innovation in businesses.  

What is The Entrepreneurship Center and What do we do here?

The Entrepreneurship Center (TEC) is an entrepreneurial service company located at Nimmanhaemin road in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our duty is to provide an executive office space for entrepreneurs of all stages whether freelancers, solopreneurs, business owners, or even multi-business owners. Because we understand that every single entrepreneur has different needs for their business, so we decide to build this center as a place that can serve various business needs. At the center, we do serve:


As we concern about people who only need a perfect space to do their work, we serve basic independent desks but high-quality facilities. Our workstations offer you strong Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, and ergonomic chairs. But if you come to the center without any equipment, we provide ‘Internet Station’ where you can use our provided PC, printer or fax, stationery, and other office features as provided.

Multimedia Studios

To work as professionals, many entrepreneurs need completed studios to produce their products. Here at the Entrepreneurship Center, we provide 3 types of multimedia studios for you to choose from:

–          Photo studio with high-quality camera and flashes for best quality photos

–          Audio studio with computer and amplifier for perfect sounds

–          Video studio with pro quality cameras and a sound system for an excellently finished product.

Meeting Spaces

At the Entrepreneurship Center, we provide a micro-meeting space. It can hold up to 4 people. We also offer a larger meeting space, which can hold up to 50 people. The micro-meeting space is a separate section in our office called the “Idea Station”. In that section, a group round table with 4 chairs and whiteboards are provided, while the macro-meeting space is our first-floor presentation area.

From the perspective of the TEC team, we are proud to provide our guests with great services and the best quality resources. We offer happiness and professionalism to our guests so they can get their work completed in a peaceful and productive environment. Whenever you visit Chiang Mai Thailand, don’t forget to visit The Entrepreneurship Center.