We’re an entrepreneurship services company located at Nimmanhaemin.

Our Mission

To provide a shared, technology-driven office space, strategically priced to accommodate all.


For every entrepreneur, they all need a good working space to make them feel more productive. So our mission at the Entrepreneurship Center is to provide them one of the best choices of a working space in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We are here to offer a more comfortable and productive place where people can get all their works done professionally.

At the present, we offer different kinds of resources from basic workstations to high-technology studios. For people who are interested in our services, they can make reservation of their work spaces through many channels including our website, email, or social media channels. Costs of our services are billed hourly and it can be both pre-pay and post-pay. At the entrepreneurship center, we hope to accommodate every entrepreneur as good as possible because we understand how important your work is.

Our services

Drive entrepreneurs’ works

We offer an executive office space to entrepreneurs with different needs.

  • Workspaces: We provide 25 independent desks with power outlets and wi-fi.
  • Multimedia studios: We provide 3 types of multimedia studios including photo studio, audio studio, and video studio.
  • Meeting spaces: We offer space for both micro meeting and event meeting with our entire office rental.
  • Professional staff: We provide staff to support any difficulty